Yeti or Not
The title of "Yeti or Not"
Episode no. ENG: 15b JP: 15a
Air date Teletoon (ENG):
September 3, 2002

TV Tokyo (JP):
January 12, 2003

Written by Frank Young
Storyboard by Kenzi Hashizume
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
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"Yeti or Not" (Japanese: 雪男を探せ!) is the thirtieth episode of Pecola.

Plot Summary

Pecola and his pals set out on an expedition to locate a prize that has eluded his grandfather Pecolius for an entire encounter with the legendary Yeti of the Rookery Mountains. The kids fail to locate a yeti, but they learn that sometimes persistence and determination are their own rewards.