Hurricane Pecola
The title of "Hurricane Pecola"
Episode no. ENG: 3b JP: 19b
Air date Teletoon (ENG):
September 5, 2001

TV Tokyo (JP):
February 9, 2003

Written by Rob McCleary
Storyboard by Lance Taylor
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
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"Hurricane Pecola" (Japanese: 竜巻の缶詰) is the sixth episode of Pecola.

Plot Summary

Rory doesn't think he'll ever win the Mail Carrier of the Month Award. After all, there aren't any obstacles to overcome in delivering the mail, Cube Town has perfect weather all the time. But Pecola and Chewy know just how to help him win the award. Dr. Chu's latest invention, Tornado in a Can, provides an enormous gust through which Rory still manages to deliver the mail. Definitely deserving of an award!