Hide 'N' Go Sleep
The title of "Hide 'N' Go Sleep"
Episode no. ENG: 9b JP: 8b
Air date Teletoon (ENG):
September 13, 2001

TV Tokyo (JP):
October 6, 2002

Written by Shelly Hoffman and Robert Pincombe
Storyboard by Toshio Hirata
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
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"Hide 'N' Go Sleep" (Japanese: かくれんぼチャンピオン) is the eighteenth episode of Pecola.

Plot Summary

It's time for Cube Town's annual 'Hide and Seek' competition. Will Mr. Puggalski win yet again? This year there is a new player in the game, the mysterious Al A Gator, complete with camera and briefcase. And Pecola is "It". He manages to find everyone but Mr. Puggalski. Everyone figures Mr. Puggalski has found the best hiding spot of all - inside Al's briefcase. They're off in hot pursuit of Mr. Gator, determined to find Mr. Puggalski. They think they've lost him when Al jumps aboard the ferry, but Mr. Puggalski turns up. He was in bed sick the whole time- and still managed to win the game.