Double Troubles
The title of "Double Troubles"
Episode no. ENG: 1a JP: 1a
Air date Teletoon (ENG):
September 3, 2001

TV Tokyo (JP):
October 6, 2002

Written by Dale Schott
Storyboard by Kenzi Hashizume
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
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Detective Pecola
"Double Troubles" (Japanese: ペコラとロボペコラ, Pecola and Robo-Pecola) is the first episode of Pecola.

Plot Summary

Dr. Chu has invented a robot that he hopes will teach Pecola a lesson about how to behave. Robo-Pecola looks exactly like his penguin counterpart, problem is he's not quite perfect yet. So when Pecola accidentally turns him on, he's off through Cube Town, wreaking havoc and leaving Pecola to take the blame. It's now up to Chewy and Pecola to catch the robot and clear Pecola's name (at least for the time being).